Lessons from the Field: 22 VDI and RDS Mistakes You'll Want to Avoid

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Ever wonder if you've made mistakes with your VDI or RDS environment? You might be surprised. With so many moving parts, Remote Desktop Services and VDI atop Hyper-V are ripe candidates for catastrophic misconfiguration. Even worse are the architectures doomed for failure before they're ever turned on. Don't be that administrator. Join RDS MVP and noted virtualization expert Greg Shields on this exploration of the 22 biggest mistakes he's seen in the field across scores of RDS and VDI implementations. You'll leave with a checklist of things to verify in your own environment the moment you return home. #TEVIR317







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    Greg Shields

    It seems whomever recorded this session also captured all the pre-show banter. Fast-forward to around 11:30 for the start of the *actual* presentation.

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