Windows 8: Windows RT Devices for Business

Play Windows 8: Windows RT Devices for Business

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    I don't see the video, can someone direct me to it please?  Thanks.

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    Yeah Looosk intersting subject, But no Video !

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    Ram Iyer

    • This is an excellent narration of the session "Windows RT for Business" hosted at MSFT TechEd event in Orlando. Also, this shows how well Windows RT Tablets shall cover the needs of a highly mobile business user. These tablets are meant to be self managed without compromising the IT administrator's rights which makes the devices very personal and at the same promises secure usage in Enterprise. Also, this would be a true emulation of Tablets being an extension to Mobile than being a miniaturized PC.
    It'd be good to get a better understanding of the Self Service Portal backend infrastructure to appreciate how well the LoB applications could be integrated via Cloud. For e.g. could an existing manageability solution be hooked onto this cloud. If so, how ?
    Also, it'd be good to understand how are the privileges shared with the LoB App that downloads and installs via SSP. Could the LoB app be able to secure corporate data and administer policies onto the data and the environment (hardware, network etc ...). If so, how ?
    Once again, Windows RT is indeed turning out to be that real ask for BYOD users in a mobile environment and Corporate IT who want to secure data and accessibility and authenticate the users appropriately.

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    Good talk about Managability of Windows RT and BYOD devices.
    Even though they cannot be domain joined, the new cloud based corporate authentication options provide a better way to provide that functionality

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