Removing the Shackles of Legacy Software: Best Practices for Enabling Platform Agility in the Enterprise

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Whether you are managing your own or assisting a customer with a desktop deployment project, you can’t avoid the conversation around application compatibility. How should you put together a solution? What options are available? How can I be sure I am meeting my users' and customer’s needs? Join Chris Jackson (“The App Compat Guy”) for a conversation around the best practices that Microsoft has uncovered to help you solve the app compat challenge in adopting and embracing the latest versions of Windows, Internet Explorer, and Office. We share delivery methods, best practices, and general guidance with the goal of helping you get started with deployments earlier, move through the project more quickly, and finish more successfully and less expensively.
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For more information, check out this course on Microsoft Virtual Academy:

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    Mr. Jackson does a really good job of addressing the psychology that holds many businesses captive when contemplating upgrades.  He offers some practical insights to combat resistance and some winning perspectives to help failed deployments get over lack of momentum, or the obsession over an unachievable level of perfection – a must for the non-technical and technical alike contemplating a platform migration.  He even does some very basic math that shows the conventional wisdom of "testing everything" isn't just unwise, it is flat out bad business.

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