How Many Coffees Can You Drink While Windows 7 Boots?

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Learn how Microsoft IT and other enterprises have found and fixed top causes of slow boots and logons. We can measure boot in terms of coffee cups (or you can measure user productivity losses in millions of dollars)! M.C. Stephen Rose and Microsoft IT PM Vadim Arakelov will share insider tips and how Microsoft IT has addressed technology and process problems that slowed user logon and productivity. Premier Field Engineers Pieter Wigleven and Matthew Reynolds will show you how to see inside a slow boot using in-depth tools from the Windows ADK. Top fixes and good/bad/ugly enterprise experiences will be revealed. For those of you rolling out Windows 7 deployments, or looking to optimize user productivity and experience this is a must attend session.







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The Discussion

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    I don't see the video, can someone direct me to it please?  Thanks.

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    This has to be one of the most significant and useful presentations I've seen in a while.  The visibility and accessibility it gives into the boot process or general system performance analysis is amazing.  Great job guys!

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    Qaiser Iftikhar

    Great presentation.

    I've download the tool and ran it. It looks similar but not same, when I select the time range there are no options to go deeper. Am I missing anything? Running windows 7 x64.

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    Qaiser Iftikhar

    The version I am running for Analyzer is 6.2.8400.0

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    Stephen Roper


    Two things
    1) Did you configure Symbols?

    2) Did you set the "DisablePagingExectutive" value in the Registry. This will enable StackWalking and the "CPU Scheduling" graph will be available.
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management]

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