Deploying Windows 8 with the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT)

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With each pre-release of Windows 8, the obvious questions begin to arise: How can we deploy it? The Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) will be able to help you with your Windows 8 deployments. In this session, we explore changes in the tools and processes for deploying Windows 8, then look at how MDT encapsulates these changes to make deploying Windows 8 easy.





The Discussion

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    I don't see the video, can someone direct me to it please?  Thanks.

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    try or try

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    @diagg:  I tried both links but was unable to see the video.  Any ideas?

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    Really strange, i was able to grab the video few days ago with that tip ! It looks like Microsoft has removed all the content that goes deeply into Windows 8 new features... at the begining of this video Michael Niehaus told the audience that the situation was really wierd for him because it was the first time that he was allowed by MS to speak about Windows 8... so Maybe Ms plans were to disclose infos to TechEd attendees but not over the internet...

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    Miha Pecnik

    This is strange indeed, quite a few videos that mention Win8 are unavailable, anyone from MS care to comment?

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    Any chance that someone who downloaded the video could share it somewhere?

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    I was able to watch the video from the , What I did was I copy the link and pasted in IE 9 and Windows Media player started to  paly the file right away.

    You can try to click on the link below:

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