1984: 21st Century Security Surveillance vs. the Erosion of Freedom

Play 1984: 21st Century Security Surveillance vs. the Erosion of Freedom

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    Sounds like a plot to a movie, can't wait to see this!

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    Doesn't really say what it is about.  A little more meat please!

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    I think there are two significant issues in play when considering surveillance either by government or commercial entities. It nearly always "creeps" in it's usage beyond the originally stated intent, and usually that "creep" is done very quietly without the knowledge of those under surveillance.

    Second, there is an understanding gap of the average person in what laws such as the 4th amendment in the US provide. Those privacy laws nearly always apply quite strictly to only the primary residence of the person. Once you store data on another person or company's system (skydrive, Google Docs, dropbox, facebook, etc.), or on a smartphone in your pocket, that data is no longer protected by those laws. Interpretations vary by country, but that is the basic fact. And a LOT of people are not aware of that significant break in protection of the home vs. "everywhere else".

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    After yesterday's revelations (sadly, not from a US newspaper; we can only speculate why) about the government's gill-net approach to phone (and doubtless other) data, this presentation has even greater importance.

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    wow, interesting stuff

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