Best Practices for Building Your Strategy for a Private Cloud

Play Best Practices for Building Your Strategy for a Private Cloud


We have talked with over 100 organizations with various IT environments that are either currently deploying or in the planning phase to build a Private Cloud. In this session we provide guidance on the requirements, roles, and processes to be successful in the planning and deployment of a private cloud. What are the problems and roadblocks an environment faces on the journey to become an efficient, automated, elastic and self-service set of business relevant services? We review the common roadblocks, processes, organizational changes and roles required to manage and deploy a successful private cloud implementation. Not intended to be an installation guide or a technical comparison of stacks.



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    Will this be at all helpful for a small, single site organization?  We think maybe an on-premises private cloud could provide us with some disaster recovery options.

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    This sounds like an interesting session, though everyone's definition of cloud differs. I'm curious about the costs/benefits of moving beyond IaaS and into PaaS. Though I don't necessarily expect to hear it at this session, I'm very interested in knowing more about when Azure will be ready for on-premises private clouds.

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    Still talking SRV2012 + System Center I take it?  Would love to hear if MS has anything planned like a mini on-prem azure based on 2012 Core.

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    Great presentation! Thanks!

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    Tonino Bruno

    I really loved this presentation, down to earth, entertaining, a great learning experience and it brings everything you need to know about moving towards a cloud in a single presentation.

    Thank you for this experience!

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