Hackers (Not) Halted (repeated from 6/5 at 5pm)

Play Hackers (Not) Halted (repeated from 6/5 at 5pm)


It is a hard time for penetration testers. Technologies are so advanced today, that we really need to struggle to do something malicious. We keep trying new tricks, and the system administrators keep adding new technologies to the field so that it is barely possible to fight against cryptography and new operating system security mechanisms. Fortunately for us, administrators are often very busy and security may not be their primary focus. Administrators' mistakes and people's misbehavior can be a great help to those who want access to a piece of information. During this session, learn the typical misconfiguration mistakes that can lead to some serious security issues and the same properly secured solutions and their reactions. If you care about security in Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012, this session is for you!



The Discussion

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    For those who missed the show on June 5, impressive to watch! Recommended to attend!

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    Great session as always Paula.
    Where can we download keepIT?

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    Hi Techedee! Unfortunately it is not available for public download, please contact my on my email, I will send you other interesting tools instead :)

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