Indexing Fundamentals for Microsoft SQL Server

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Having the right indexes supporting your databases is a critical need. But how do you determine what indexes are required? Should you have single or multi-column indexes? Should the index be filtered? What are included columns and columnstore indexes and when should they be used? In this session, we explore various ways to implement indexes and provide the performance expected out of your databases.



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    Will you be using the Database Engine Tuning Adviser or another tool?

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    @dirq: I'll be mentioning DTA, but that won't be the focus.  The key will be looking at the choices that can be made and then leveraging the statistics that SQL Server provides to help make decisions.

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    Always a good topic.  Hopefully you will give tips on when indexing is bad, so I can share these with our vendor.  Tongue Out

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    Awesome!  Looking forward to it!!


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    Are you going to provide access to the scripts you used during your presentation? That would be very helpful.
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    Good video. Thanks for it. It was helpful. I've always wondered whether it's good enough to have one index on FirstName and another LastName or whether it's necessary to have a single index containing both columns. So, it was good to find out about how that works for sure. Also, it was good to confirm that foreign keys should pretty much always be indexed. Previously, ORMs such as EF didn't add indexes for foreign keys automatically, but, I noticed that the current version does.

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    @motuyet456: I've posted the scripts from the presentation on my blog, the url is  If I can get them up on this site, I'll do that as well.

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