Tips and Tricks for Building Rich Reports in Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services

Play Tips and Tricks for Building Rich Reports in Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services


You know how to create a basic Reporting Services report. Now, learn some tips and tricks for designing rich reports that encourage immediate understanding and make insights pop!



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    Are there any disadvantages to using this from Visual Studio as opposed to SQL Server?

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    Looking forward to this to improve my report writing.

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    I would like to see something about wrapping a single column report on a page. I want to do this to save paper.

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    This was a very informative. I only wish we could spend a little more time on "drill-down"

    Overall strong "A" session

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    @khaos13: I'm not sure whether you mean Visual Studio (Report Designer) as opposed to (SQL Server) Report Builder, or Visual Studio client/local-mode reports (RDLC) versus SSRS server-mode reports (RDL).

    For using Report Designer as opposed to Report Builder, no, there's no real disadvantage. The report design functionality is the same. Report Designer is for developers and enables things like projects and source control, whereas Report Builder is easier to use.

    For RDLC versus RDL, yes, there are differences. RDLC reports execute within your application process, don't connect to a report server or require a SQL Server license for one. Your application is responsible for querying data and feeding it into the report. Also, only some export formats are supported (PDF, Word, and Excel). RDL reports execute within a report server, can query many different types of data sources, and export to any format.

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    See my Twitter feed @riccardomuti for answers to the questions about the catalog database edition requirements and role-based security in AS Tabular models.

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