Data, Faster: Microsoft SQL Server Performance Techniques with SQLCLR

Play Data, Faster: Microsoft SQL Server Performance Techniques with SQLCLR


Sometimes it seems like business users are constantly more demanding: They want more data, more analytics, more insight, and the output needs to be faster, faster, faster. And so we database developers struggle to write ever more complex queries, tune our hardware, carefully choose indexes...and sometimes it’s just not enough. Where do you go when you’ve hit the performance wall? As more and more developers are discovering, a great choice is to make use of SQL Server CLR capabilities. User-defined aggregates, table valued functions, and user-defined types are more than just logical constructs; properly applied, they can make complex, logic-driven queries many times faster. This session shows you when and how to use these powerful tools in ways you may not have previously considered. Learn how to speed up various types of analytical queries, do much faster XML processing, and build smart caches that will supercharge your user-defined functions. If you’re ready to take your SQL Server development skills to the next level, this session is definitely your starting point.




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    If you're planning to attend this session, please add a comment here and let me know what you're using SQLCLR for today. Or, if you're not, what kinds of complex problems you're trying to solve in your queries. I'd love to be able to tailor a demo or two to fit whatever people are most interested in seeing.

    Looking forward to talking with all of you in NOLA!

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    I am using SQL CLR for consuming web services from may apps y call from procedure in my database business process

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    Thanks for the comment JLOrdaz! I won't be discussing Web Service calls specifically as that's more a process/orchestration topic than an area where SQLCLR can help improve performance. But I will certainly keep it in mind as I finish writing the demos.


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    I am considering attending this session; however, I'll echo JLOrdaz's comment. From within SQL Server 2005, I have called web services and it was a major pain to set up the security, serialization seemblies, etc. It would be nice to know whether there is a smoother development process available for integrating CRL procs/triggers/etc with web service calls.

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    +1 to other comments re:  calling web service interfaces from SQLCLR. 

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    Accessing and using spatial data.
    I won't be able to attend but will video be available to everyone?
    I'd love to see you presentation.

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    Thanks, isoquark, RichH, and CarolFackler!

    I can't help ease the setup pain but I'll definitely add some content about some of the caveats (performance and otherwise) that you might want to keep in mind with web services from SQLCLR.

    CarolFackler, the spatial components in SQL Server are all based on SQLCLR already, so I don't think there's anything that can be added there in a general SQLCLR presentation.

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    Thanks for the presentation Adam, and putting it out here for those of us who couldn't make TechEd this year.  I wathced it last night and learned a lot of useful information not only about using CLR better but how it and the database OS work in general.

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