Microsoft ASP.NET SignalR: The Real-Time Web Made Simple

Play Microsoft ASP.NET SignalR: The Real-Time Web Made Simple


SignalR is one of the latest components to the ASP.NET runtime, but it can do a lot more than just web. Come learn how you can build a real-time web application with minimal heavy lifting, without needing to learn another large framework. Then, take those lessons and use nearly identical syntax to give Modern Apps, Windows Azure Worker Roles running in the cloud, and other types of applications real-time HTTP functionality. The SignalR abstraction is a shift in how you think about web programming and in what’s possible across a multitude of platforms and environments, and this talk gets you started quickly with simple demonstrations that walk you through all the major capabilities of the #1 most followed open-source C# project on GitHub that grew to become the latest trick in the ASP.NET developer tool chest.





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    Will this be similar to the session from Build 2013?  Any chance of convincing you to visit Philly to speak on this or another passion?  Smiley

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    There are a LOT of JavaScript libraries that I use (knockout, angular, jquery) within my .NET 4.5 web forms.  How does SignalR work with those?  

    Any real-world business applications for SignalR? I've seen demos of a stock-ticker, but is there anything that would work in a Law Firm or a Manufacturing company?

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    Very interested in SignalR and learning more about it.

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    Also very interested in SignalR and finding out if we can apply it to our applications

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    Will the session be repeated on TechED 2013? (It was full yesterday)

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    Thank you Damian !! Can't believe SignalR it's already out there, ready to be used. We are looking for ways to use it on our Intranet apps.

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