Developing Core Business Applications with Domain-Driven Design (DDD) and Microsoft .NET

Play Developing Core Business Applications with Domain-Driven Design (DDD) and Microsoft .NET


Domain-driven design (DDD) has proven to be an invaluable tool when developing applications in high complexity domains. In this presentation we look at DDD in general and discuss some of the main concepts such as ubiquitous language, different architecture approaches, and strategic patterns such as bounded context. We then take a closer look in particular at how to apply some of the tactical patterns of DDD with .NET. The next step then is for you to give it a try!



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The Discussion

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    Waiting for the session..!

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    Hi. I attended this session and liked it. In the video at time 1:02 you show a VS2012 project with a .feature file. What kind of project is that and how do I install that extension?

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    He is using NBehave for the .feature files. I think there are several different libraries to day that give you the same BDD support.

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    Actually I was in the session (have not re-viewed it h ere) and if I recall correctly (though I could be mistaken) Jimmy had SpecFlow in his session and Per used NBehave in his. Jimmy made a funny comment that in the early days if BDD there were more tools for doing BDD than practitioners! Smiley

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    Per Rovegard

    Julie is correct! :-) It was SpecFlow, whereas I showed a glimpse of NBehave.

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