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One ASP.NET and Visual Studio 2012.2 includes some amazing new tooling enhancements for HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. We're marching forward with even more great stuff. There’s powerful features like Model Binding + Friendly URLs. ASP.NET Web Forms allows you to build an application with all the bells and whistles of an MVC 4 application with all the productivity of Web Forms. ASP.NET Web Forms are also “DRYer” than ever with Models + Model Validation + Model Binding + Clean URLs + Mobile support. ASP.NET Web Pages along with ASP.NET Web API plus HTML5, JavaScript and modern development techniques makes development fun again. Join Damian as he shows you how it works together and where we're going tomorrow!





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    With HTML5 a big part of my development, this should be an interesting class to attend.

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    I'm really interested in how MVC + Web Forms are coming together.  I always knew they were in the same stack and could be used in the same project, but it was really tough to do before.  Looking forward to the session!

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    This session looks like a great one to kick off a week of TechEd. Went to Damian's sessions last year in Orlando and found them to be very informative.  

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    As most of our contractors / development staff are still more familiar with web forms, I look forward to hearing how we can help them bridge the gap with some of the new features in this presentation.  We culture shifted people from VB to C#, but only because there was some pattern convergence over the last few iterations of the frameworks (LINQ syntax being one of them) that elevated understanding without making semantic sacrifices.  To take the raw "motorcycle vs car" approach that is MVC and enable a more junior-skilled talent base would help us improve development times on major projects.

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    Will MVC 5 run on top of OWIN also?

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    Glad to have bootstrap included. It will be much easier to integrate with our designers. (all the other stuff is really great too, that was just a nice surprise I hadn't seen coming)

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    Impressive, looking forward to it !!

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    don't ever let webforms dies like xna, wpf and silverlight!!!
    i'm damn good with web.forms + dnn cms and for that reason I don't see too much value in pure mvc, therefore I use web forms a lot!

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    Awesome looking forward to it!!!

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    And Silverlight crashing IE10 trying to go view this in full screen on Windows 8 (each and every time) and this good job Microsoft...

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    @VObreshkov: Works fine for me. Win8 x64, IE Desktop

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    This is awsome introduction on V2. But I could not see the updates on Cloud Tools.

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    changing craps every few months and call new visual studio.

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    I am trying to get an example to add custom roles and asign this role to User. Do we have any example like that. In above video, i saw it is simple to update user table. somthing like that, I need to get for user roles and permission.

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