Managing Requirements and User Expectations in Agile Projects

Play Managing Requirements and User Expectations in Agile Projects


The only way to avoid requirements churn is to deliver requirements faster that your customers can change their minds. But Forrester has characterized most large software projects as “Water-Scrum-Fall,” meaning that today’s companies are good at coding incrementally, but this greatness is sandwiched between the waterfalls of Requirements and Operations. So, even when the development team can move fast, the rest of the organization can’t. It doesn’t have to be this way. By focusing on the two ends, teams can dramatically speed software delivery. This session focuses on the front end: working closely with stakeholders to rapidly identify, elicit and scope requirements, all while getting very rapid feedback throughout the entire process. Today’s powerful tools and techniques are bringing requirements work closer to development teams, providing spectacular improvements in delivery speed. This demo-heavy session covers the tools and techniques necessary to continuously deliver requirements. See real tools in action, such as UserVoice, inteGREAT, and the PowerPoint Storyboarding and Feedback Client tools which were both released as part of Visual Studio 2012. Additionally, throughout the presentation and demos, we’ll be tying the tool usage to the right processes to enable continuous delivery. Continuous delivery demands a great deal from your people, processes and tools. This session will help get you there.



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