Flexible Source Control with Team Foundation Service and Git

Play Flexible Source Control with Team Foundation Service and Git


Team Foundation Service (TFS) is much more than just version control, but in this session we will explain the choice of source control workflows available to teams using the Team Foundation Service, discuss the benefits of each and how to choose which way of working. In this lively session you will see and learn about the full depth of version control support in TFS including Local Workspace and the new support for Git.



The Discussion

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    I wish there will be some real-world cases/scenario to show how to adopt this service.

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    Looking forward to the session. Always come out with a firmer understanding of the product.Some real world case studies (with out getting slide heavy) would be nice.


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    I would like to learn enough benefits of TFS that I can justify using it for my work group even though the company is alreay using AccuRev for other work groups.  They use other development environments like Java, my group is all .Net, Office, and SQL Server.

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    @khaos13: I'll be sure to do some demo from Eclipse and the Mac as well then

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    Thanks for your very enlightening presentation... Congrats on all this nice work to you and your team and colleagues. 

    I just created my account at tfs.visualstudio.com, and I'm definitely going to try to introduce using it in my (small) company.

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