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The rapid growth in use of smart devices combined with ubiquitous access to cloud services online is changing the way that people use their personal technology to get work done. The Consumerization of IT mega-trend brings with it a rich set of opportunities for organizations, as well as challenges to protect corporate information and other assets. In this foundational session learn how Microsoft’s approach to delivering people-centric IT is helping customers enable users to work on devices of their choosing with consistent experiences, and providing IT a unified infrastructure for managing and delivering applications and other resources, all while helping organizations protect what is important to them. See how innovations in Windows Server, System Center, and Windows Intune are providing IT with the necessary capabilities to enable people-centric IT.



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    Will this cover anything regarding iPads?  Being education, Apple is entrenched and I have to deal with being asked to provide more and more services to these devices.

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    Will this be geared towards Windows tablets only or cover IOS and Android also?

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    I also wonder if this will be Windows only

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    This is building the future. No IOS or Android exist. Only Windows platform.

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    I can't see this session not including multiple versions mobile device operating systems.  It would also be nice if some of the MDM solutions were compared as well.

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    Hi, all! It's great to see the excitement about this session. Yes, we will provide you a great overview of how People-centric IT will help you enable your users to choose the device they wish -- including iOS and Android -- and access your corporate apps and data while still maintaining compliance and protection. We look forward to seeing you there!

    Jason Leznek
    Director of Product Marketing

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    To be truly 'centric'

    we will need to discuss multiple platforms - needs - and OEM

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    cool session

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    Warlie Castro

    Nice..It seems like R2 release will dominate the future of enterprise IT management

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