Transform the Datacenter with Server and Management Innovations from Microsoft

Play Transform the Datacenter with Server and Management Innovations from Microsoft


Cloud computing models are changing the technology landscape and providing more opportunity than ever for IT to deliver impact to the business. This Foundational Session will dive into the new Microsoft datacenter technologies and demonstrate how you can be the best provider of technology for your organization. Learn how Windows Server, System Center, Windows Azure, and other new technologies work together to help you provision and manage cloud and datacenter infrastructure, provide business continuity, deliver services, and manage applications. This includes breakthrough capabilities in the areas of storage, networking, virtualization, management, and automation. You will also learn how the latest innovations bring together on-premises approaches and cloud-based technologies to deliver hybrid cloud solutions leveraging your existing resources.



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    Will this be focused on the Cloud and datacenter evenly? I am more focused on datacenter solutions which is why I ask.

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    I am interested to know also.  We can run private cloud in our datacenters and this is what I am interested in.

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    i hope that the speakers will focus on microsoft datacenter technologies for the private cloud solutions.

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    We are implementing a private cloud and I am looking forward to learning more on this topic.

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    i'm interested to see if there are any updates to traffic management across the hybrid cloud

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    Brian Hillger Microsoft

    Thanks for your comments and questions on this session. We are really looking forward to it and hope you are too! You can expect this particular foundational session to focus on on-premises technologies for datacenter and private cloud plus hybrid cloud solutions. The discussion and demos span compute, storage, networking, infra management, business continuity, and application management. Will be a jam-packed session with lots of great new information!

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    Haven't seen any downloads yet for this seminar.  Nothing on the screen currently either.

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    @ABianucci: it hasn't started quite yet, and then it has to end, be encoded, be uploaded and then you'll be able to see it Smiley

    For the live stream, I believe you should see it up there soon

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    quiero probal

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    Ziaullah Mirza

    This is focused on cloud transformation but I was checking on instant of transformation process, how securely it travels.

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