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With System Center 2012 Orchestrator, you require no scripting experience! Use Orchestrator as it is meant to be used to accomplish integration, automation, and orchestration across your systems. This session starts with planning and deployment of Orchestrator, then moves on to start integrate and build runbooks. We give you a fast track, and highlight best practices and pitfalls to avoid. Join this session to learn how to become the integration and automation hero in your organization.



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    Haven't looked at Orchestrator Before, so this should get things going Smiley

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    My MS Rep keeps preaching Orchestrator!  Let's see what the fuss is about.

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    Looking to get an understanding of Orchestrator, how to feed and retrieve data and the different integration packs that both MS and other have made.

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    I'm really looking forward to this now that we've bought SCCM2012, I'm hoping this will automate a lot of tasks.

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    I started using RTM version of Orchestrator 2012. I ma interested in the Latest version, enhancements, upgrade path. Also interested in learning more about creating and tuning runbooks.

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    Orch looks really promising...excited to see what it can do in the right hands!

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    I would be interested to see how much power can be used from Orchestrator without having to right scripts. Call me old but the new generation of IT Admins seem to have forgotten the lost art of scripts. If we can bridge the gap that powerful processes can be created with drag & drop similar to VS or SharePoint Designer workflows that would be great.

    However I still have found that having to write custom actions in scripts is needed.


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    Network Admin started rolling this out this week. Looking forward to being a second eye on the project!

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    I really am looking forward to this Crash Course.  I really need Orchestrator to automate Service Manager processes better than I can by myself.

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    Looking forward to learning Orchestrator to automate Service Manager and SCCM 2012

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