Running and Managing Linux and UNIX with Hyper-V and Microsoft System Center

Play Running and Managing Linux and UNIX with Hyper-V and Microsoft System Center


Do you use Linux and UNIX servers in your computing environment? This session gives an overview of Microsoft capabilities with Linux and UNIX in the private cloud. Learn about Linux running on Hyper-V, Linux and UNIX management capabilities that are new in Configuration Manager and Virtual Machine Manager, and enhancements in Operations Manager. We cover the strategic approach, functionality that's available, and the architectural approach for running and managing Linux and UNIX.



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    We've begun migrating Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5/6 VMs from ESX to Hyper-V 3, and the process generally works pretty well. While SCVMM 2012 SP1 provides a good interface for managing VMs of all types, including those hosted on ESX servers, it's not always sufficient or successful, so it'll be interesting to see what others are doing.

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    Linux in our environment is primarily a computing cluster. Thousands. How much of this is over System Center management of Linux without Hyper-V?

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    Looking forward to this! We use Linux and FreeBSD fairly extensively in our data center.

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    can't wait for this session

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    Will you be detailing any of the improvements that are coming in 2012 R2?  I hear there are some improvements coming there for Linux/Unix environments

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