Tips and Tricks for Creating Custom Management Packs for Microsoft System Center - Operations Manager

Play Tips and Tricks for Creating Custom Management Packs for Microsoft System Center - Operations Manager

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    Look forward to this session and how we can keep ahead of the issues for HA.

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    I don't have a lot of experience with management packs.  I'm hoping this will help me to build effective packs.

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    Mickey Gousset

    VWhite: Any specific HA scenarios that you have in mind? Can you tell me any issues you are currently running into?

    trekr200: It should. This is going to be a level 300/400 session, so I'm going to assume some experience with MP Development, but you should pick up some good tips. And anything you don't understand I'll be happy to talk with you about after the session.

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    I tried some customization but need more expert guidance in designing and implementing a better solution that will be easily manageable,

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    Mickey Gousset

    jbdavisii: What were you trying to do?

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    Scott M

    I attended Mickey's session last year at TechEd and it was very informative as well as engaging. Mgmt packs can be a snooze fest but he managed to keep it interesting :) Any chance you'll review the new ability to use Visio to build mgmt packs? Also, do you know if Visio mgmt pack building will be available in the HOLs?

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    Looking forward to this; Mickey always has good nuggets of how to improve SCOM monitoring.

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    Mickey Gousset

    Scott M: Thanks for the kind words! At this point I had not planned to use the Visio tool in my demos, but was going to stick with the Visual Studio Authoring Extensions. However, I do plan to have a couple of tips for those people that use the Visio tool.

    Techiedude: Thanks for the vote of confidence!

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    Matt M

    I know it makes things much easier when a presenter pre-creates content and then discuss it. But, I really dislike that approach. Not everyone does things the same way or is there only one way to do something. I think it's a valuable part of any training to show all the steps. If the presenter has a problem, then I'm more inclined to make sure I don't make those same mistakes.

    Thanks for your work.


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    Hi all,

    So!  PowerShell is great right?  Microsoft seems to have been promoting it over the past several years.  Seems like it should be an option when creating a monitor in the Operations Console.  Nope, just vbscript.

    Okay, I need to dive into authoring.  What are my options?

    • Outdated:  SCOM 2007 R2 Authoring Console
    • Outdated, expensive:  VSAE / Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate +

    In summary, there is no remotely modern way to add PowerShell script based monitoring to SCOM.  If anyone from Microsoft reads this, please consider updating your authoring options, or adding the ability to work with PowerShell inside the Operations Console.


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