Upgrading the Platform - How to Get There! Part 1: Re-Architecting Your Infrastructure with Windows Server 2012 and Microsoft System Center 2012 SP1

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Windows Server 2012 is a major evolutionary step in how you run your core infrastructure services. Now that you have had time to evaluate what is new and how you can use it, you need the missing piece—how to get there! This technical architecture discussion covers each of your critical system components and how you can redesign what you have now to be ready for the future. But wait a minute: this isn’t some watered down “overview of top features” of Windows Server 2012. This lays the groundwork for how to rethink your ideas on Active Directory design and deployment, File Services architecture, Storage solutions, network services and more. Hear the real-world stories, current implementations and TAP customer experiences on how they are implementing Windows Server 2012 and System Center 2012 SP1 today.

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For more information, check out this course on Microsoft Virtual Academy:

The Discussion

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    As this will be Green Hat Day, will green hats be provided or must we bring our own?

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    Looking forward to this session. I am also interested in Security aspects of Windows 2012.

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    Looking forward to this session.

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    Glad to hear this is going to be a deep dive. But that sounds like a lot for a 75 minute session. Hope you can get through it all. Rick ftw!


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    @mke077:GreenHats are not provided but you are free to come as you are. We won't hold the doors closed if you don't have one.

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    @mkresic: to Level Set - this is the architectural discussion about where you should be going and examples of where people are today with it and early adopters. Whiteboarding and talking / discussion about the proper direction so that you can put your upgrade and migration plans in motion.

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    Is this going to be primarily a Server 2012 topic with a little System Center thrown in, or equal parts of both? The title gives me a different impression than the description.

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    Our company is in the middle of a data center migration and this will fit right in.  I need to learn more about these topics and be able to use it back at my job.  Thanks for the session!

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