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Windows PowerShell Unplugged

1 hour, 18 minutes, 30 seconds


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Come learn PowerShell the way PowerShell was meant to be learned—exploring Windows from the console. In this session, Distinguished Engineer Jeffrey Snover starts with the Get-Help cmdlet and shows you the tools and techniques to teach yourself PowerShell. Jeffrey’s contention is that most people still haven’t realized the power of what was delivered in PowerShell V1 so advanced users are likely to learn as much as day zero beginners.

For more information, check out this course on Microsoft Virtual Academy:

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  • I'm really looking forward to this. So far PowerShell has been more of a necessity in a few situations than a preference when it comes to getting something done. I am hoping that this session will make PowerShell more familiar and appealing method of executing tasks.

  • Deactivated UserDeactivated User

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  • This is always a great session and I go to it every year I go to TechEd.

  • I am looking forward to this session. Is it "hands-on"?

  • About time I find a PowerShell session! Looking forward to hearing Jeffrey speak.

  • Looking forward to this session and looking for tidbits I can share back with my team!

  • Can't wait.  So much information out there for PowerShell these days, great to have the opportunity to get some firsthand as well.

  • I definitely need to improve my PS skills.  Looking forward to this one.

  • PS is something that really is starting to get me interested. 

    Looking forward to this session.

  • rmatteirmattei (√-1) 8 Σ π ... and it was amazing

    I really can't wait for this one, been looking for a good PowerShell starter for a long time.

  • Also can't wait for this.  I really need to improve my PowerShell skills since everything is headed that way.

  • Is this a good session for someone that has seen Jeffery speak before and has been using powershell for several years now?

  • MarianokMCTArgentina MCT Regional Lead - Argentina

    I was there, many years ago, when they unveiled Powershell, it was cool, but with not too many commands or commandlets, But now it's really impressive and you can do mostly everything from it (in some environments, like exchange, you can do more from PS than from the GUI).

    The problem is remembering the right command/let to use, as there are lots.

    Looking forward to this great session. 

  • Looking forward to this session.

  • Hope this one is in a big room - looks like it's going to be popular.

  • I will be there!

  • This should be a great session!

  • Looking forward to this one!

  • @mcurole: Here is the backstory - I was planning to give a beginner session at a conference in Norway when I discovered that almost everyone was an experienced PowerShell user - so I had a problem.  Then I was in a panel discussion and someone asked each of us what our favorite PowerShell command was.  When it was my turn, I said "Get-Help" and everyone laughed (presumably because they didn't believe that I used HELP).  I decided to use this to solve my session problem and did the first ever PowerShell unplugged where I threw away my PowerPoint, brought up a command line shell and started showing people how I USE and LEARN PowerShell.  it was a big hit and I had a blast delivering it.  (I freaking love PowerShell!). 

    So in the end, this is a session for everyone - definitely for beginners but advanced users will get something out of it and should have some fun too. 

    I hope to see you all there - I think you'll enjoy it.

    Jeffrey Snover [MSFT[

  • Thank you for the update Jeffrey.  I need to improve my PS skills, as I know it will help me greatly in my job.  Will you be running only one session?

  • This year I really want to start honing my PowerShell skills.  Will definitely attend this one for sure.  Thank you Jeffrey!

  • Looking forward to this.

  • I am entrenched in vbscript and have tons of scripts that automate admin processes and I need some good information on making the transition to PowerShell. VBScript is hard to give up!

  • I am fairly new to PS but would love to know more, I am looking forward to learning your tips/tricks.

  • Looks like a good place to start with power shell.

  • Runoutnetlv Rack'Em

    I've been to sessions like this before but have never been able to get rolling with PS. I sure hope this gets me started this time. Smiley

  • Yes - this session is only given once. 

    The focus is going to be on how to learn to learn PowerShell. 

  • I typically prefer working with a CLI, and Get-Help in PowerShell makes it easy. Definitely looking forward to this session!

  • @JefferySnover - I think this is one my favorite sessions that I attended this year. Thank you very much!

  • Beginner PS user and this was a the most informative hour I've spent learning PS. "Exploring" is, to me, the best way to learn, but 'how' to explore is a lesson worth learning every time.

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