Comparing the Microsoft Private Cloud and the VMware vCloud

Play Comparing the Microsoft Private Cloud and the VMware vCloud


Building on our learnings from part 1, we take a look at the key components of the Microsoft Private Cloud, and how they come together to provide a more compelling and comprehensive solution than the VMware vCloud. We look at application management, monitoring and deployment, workload protection, heterogeneous management, automation, and much more. We also take a quick look at some of the pricing and licensing options for each solution. If you’re thinking about Private Cloud, this is a session you can’t afford to miss!



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    I've worked with both solutions.  I am curious as to the benefits of the Microsoft cloud and what it might take to offer it in place of VMware.

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    Our main farm is VMware but I an others push to expand hyper-v and a comparison is just what the doctor ordered

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    This is a great idea for a session. Looking forward to it. We're getting ready to bring in vCloud for a project. I'd love to hear some practical comparisons between the two private cloud offerings and not just the standard marketing fluff (they have 200 features, we have 201).

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    Very much looking forward to hearing some opinion of the V versus VMware.  100% all VMware shop, so this will be our first exposure to the V.  I wonder how many flavors of Kool Aid they've have?  Wink

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    Looking forward to this session as long as it's not a marketing campaign. Big Smile

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    Sadly I won't be able to attend this session. I made other commitments because I didn't know that this was part two of his Hyper-V vs vCenter session! I will have to download the recording when I get home. He is an excellent speaker and did a good job with the comparisons in the first session.

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    Really good session. It ended with a comparison of 500 VM's and cost comparison. I just completed that exact cost comparison project so I was speechless when I saw him do the exact same thing.

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