Shouldn’t All of Your Storage Be Highly Available?

Play Shouldn’t All of Your Storage Be Highly Available?


What is blocking that as a reality for your business? Is it Cost? Complexity? Lack of storage choices? Today’s reality is that business uptime is more critical than ever. It translates directly to business viability and profitability. However, we also know that businesses of all sizes are facing the double challenge of explosive data growth and IT budget pressure. So, how do businesses achieve the goal of high availability in a simple, cost-effective way? Mr. Greg Huff, LSI CTO, discusses how the industry is looking at evolving DAS storage, making it sharable and scalable. He discusses how a new LSI storage architecture, combined with Microsoft’s Windows 2012 Continuous Availability Initiative, will enable business benefits including uptime, ease-of-use, and reduced TCO. Session attendees will learn from a technologist's viewpoint, the significance of this new technology, how it works, and how they can get started applying it to their businesses.



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