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    Will the sizing discussion include information for those of that are planning on virtualizing our environments?

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    I am looking forward to how this differs from 2010.

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    Sounds like a good session.

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    That sound like my prefered session

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    Having already done some sizing with the new 2013 Role Calculator, I'm certainly interested how the memory requirements are built up.

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    I would be nice to hear some information that compares local storage to network attached focusing on performance and supportability. 

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    I wish they were repeating this session.

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    awesome presentation.  very detailed.  Could have consumed this in two sessions though.  Nothing bad, just wanted more dialog and deep dives.  Thank you!

     And I want that deck... too much info.

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    I was disappointed there was not time offered for Q&A, so here are my questions for the session:

    Are there any plans for the calculator to include storage requirements for system partition or virtual machine storage? With a 30GB install footprint, this is significant.

    Would it be possible to get the calculator to allow designs for personal archive mailboxes that are not DAG?

    With Lync 2013 content being stored inside Exchange 2013, how does that impact the mailbox profile?

    What about adding options for Server side IO Memory Accelerators such as Fusion IO?

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    Regarding some of the more recent questions:

    No plans currently to include specific sizing recommendations on the system partition, beyond what we have mentioned previously (e.g. the 30GB min, plus space for transport if you want to place the transport queue on the system drive/Exchange install path - we do provide a value for required queue space in the calculator).

    No plans currently to size for non-DAG personal archives. I'll pass that request along.

    We include some CPU/memory headroom for Lync 2013 integration in the published guidance.

    We don't plan to provide specific guidance on the impact of IO accelerators - we provide guidance on the IOPS requirement and the required latency of those IOs. How you achieve the requirements is an architectural/design decision outside of the core sizing process. You need to make sure that whatever technology is used can provide Exchange with the IO throughput performance required by the sizing guidance.

    Virtualization guidance was covered in a separate session at TechEd (OUC-B326).

    On the question about perf/supportability of network attached storage, we don't support NAS for Exchange (assuming you are talking about technologies like SMB/NFS). The only caveat to that is support for storage of VHD/VHDX files on SMB 3.0 file shares if you are virtualizing Exchange. See the OUC-B326 session for details on that.

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