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This session continues the now 20-year tradition of the Exchange Tips & Tricks series. This is the debut Tips & Tricks session for Exchange 2013, with all new and never before seen tips, tricks, and other useful information related to planning, setup, deployment, the new Exchange Administration Center, and more!



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    I'd really like to see this offered more than once. This occurs at the same time as the Messaging Exam Prep and Practical Powershell talks, and I really want to hear all 3! Thanks.

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    Ovidiu Chis

    Thank you for the offer.

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    Looking forward to this one. 

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    All show as a vendor more than some demos, tips or tricks. Very disappointed.

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    This should be called yawns & snores, i see no tips no tricks, all the session was about information that can be found in a flyer.

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    This was definitely a snooze fest... and the speaker Scott was kind of a conceited by way he was bragging about himself in the beginning.

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    @SocratesGS: Sorry you were disappointed.  I certainly wasn't trying to brag about myself at all, and I can't imagine what I might have said that would be considered bragging at all.

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    @Daniel: I'm sorry you were disappointed.  However, perhaps you might be thinking of another session, as I am not a vendor.

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    @sgarcesc: I'm not sure what you mean by flyer, but I can guarantee you that there was information that I presented in this session that cannot be found anywhere except in this session.

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    Anyone have the slides?

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    When will just the slides be posted for this?

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    This session had some of the best information on 2013 and the differences between 2010. Only disappointment is why no slides available for download seperate from video presentation?

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    A whole lot of good information Scott! Picked up some new things I didn't know, kept me alert during the whole session Smiley

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    The session slides should be posted shortly.  If they don't show up here soon, I will post them myself somewhere else.

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    Do we have any word on the session slides and their availability?

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    Not sure if I missed it, but has the slides been uploaded / posted somewhere else...?

    There was relative information, sheared in a concise place, which could be beneficial when explaining the differences in releases. The slides will give me the ability present that information to our Infrastructure group.

    Thank you in advance...


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    Solides still Messing eben vor tue TechEd Europe Event. :-(

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