Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Sharing and Security

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SharePoint 2013 introduces new sharing features that make it easier than ever for end users, with appropriate permissions, to share content with internal and (in Microsoft Office 365) external users. It’s more important than ever that you master the SharePoint security model, with its deep hierarchy of securable objects, granular permissions and policies, and interconnected user interfaces. This session demystifies SharePoint security by dissecting each of these components and presenting best practices for implementing and managing security. Learn how to effectively assign least privilege permissions. Discover under-documented “gotchas” of broken inheritance. Take away options for new permission levels and settings that address common business requirements. And learn when and why it makes sense to leverage Active Directory groups or use SharePoint groups.



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    hope this gives a view into non hosted  SP to  3rd party or non AD users sharing of the same content with Group security

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    @Hitechredneck:I second that!

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    Hey @kknab and @hitechredneck - shoot me an email (dan dot holme at intelliem dot top-level commercial domain) with more specifics.  Will try to address your questions. 

    The session addresses both on-prem and O365, so no worries *there*

    But about non-AD users, there really is no magic that I can think of--if they are coming from "whatever authentication provider you prefer" and are in a SharePoint group, and the group is given permissions, then it just works. What problems are you thinking about??

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    Would like some feedback on folks using FBA with oracle membership provider. Basically webgate is installed on Web tier and talk to OAM. OAM talks to OVD and it provides authentication. OVD talks to AD.  Please note that OAM provides login gather which  communicates with FBA.

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    What are best hardening practices for end to end extranet SP 13 topology ( back to back perimeter).

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