Windows Server Work Folders overview – my corporate data on all my devices

Play Windows Server Work Folders overview – my corporate data on all my devices


This session provides an overview of the new Windows Server Work Folders capabilities in Windows. Windows Server Work Folders allows information workers to have their files available to them on all their devices, wherever they are, and however they are connected. This is done in a secure manner governed by an IT policy so that now IT has oversight of the corporate data on IW devices, including the ability to automatically encrypt documents for safety so that the IT managers can adhere to the business and regulatory policies.



The Discussion

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    How are we supposed to choose a session when there is NO information about it the day before the event??

    This is not the only session this applies to at this years TechEd (and I think the first time this has been seen)

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    Can you discuss whether this is an evolution of Magic Briefcase? Smiley  I know that may be blasphemous, but the principle sounds the same, with the addition of mobile devices and IT policy.

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    @MikeBrannigan: It's not really that uncommon, and I think it's understandable.  Microsoft can't put details about some sessions here if the product or feature hasn't yet been announced publically.  Most of the "mystery" sessions contain topics that were only announced for the first time today (Day 1 of the conference).

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