Field Experience: Troubleshooting Long Boot and High Resource Consumptions

Play Field Experience: Troubleshooting Long Boot and High Resource Consumptions


Do you want to get insides what is happening in User or Kernel Mode? Do you receive a lot of support cases where your users complain about system performance? Do you want to be able to break a thread execution into the nanoseconds and explain what is going around? Or want to get insight into how Microsoft troubleshoots long boot times? Then this is your session. Join us and get our worldwide field experience around how Microsoft resolves long boot or high resource consumption issues by utilizing the Windows Performance Toolkit.



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New Orleans Theater C



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    Boot and logon times, always current. Practical tips and new tools for troubleshooting are welcome.

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    I would love digging into this type of stuff!

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    THIS IS HUGE. We brought in Microsoft to perform a WDRAP and was very happy with the information provided. Would love a deeper dive into the technologies to troubleshoot long boot times, from drivers, services, GPO's, scripts embedded in GPO's, and recommended settings for baseline images.

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    Would be nice to have this repeated at another time, as it conflicts with the very popular Unexplained session with Mark.  Tough choice.

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    @rbmiller12: Hardcore Debugging at 10:15am Thurs will be a similar talk - it uses both the Debugger and WPT to diagnose crashes and hangs.

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    WPA doesn't work in Win7, correct?


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    Hey JS2010, XPerfv5 works on Windows 8, Windows Server 2012 as well as Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. It's part of the Windows ADK which you can simply install on one of those operating systems.

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