Implementing Microsoft Application Virtualization 5.0: Lessons Learned from a Production Rollout

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In this session we discuss real-life experiences and lessons learned implementing Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) 5.0 based on both personal observations as well as by supporting a TAP (Technical Adaption Program) customer who already rolled out in a production environment. This demo-rich session focuses on the key selling points for this customer and why they chose App-V 5.0 over a previous version for their 4000 seat VDI environment. It discusses the impact of migrating to this new platform as well as some of the pitfalls that were experienced during the process from both infrastructure and packaging perspectives.



The Discussion

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    Can you run App-V apps on Windows RT devices?  Is there a roadmap to be able to do this in the future?  Can you run apps that are compiled for ARMs via App-V?  If any of these questions are yes (or maybe) is there a session or break out that I can learn more about?  Thank you.

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    Just finished a POC on App-V. Having real-life experience/lessons learned will keep many IT shops from reinventing the square wheel. Having a pro-con discussion will keep our enterprise from many rookie mistakes.

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    It's been a while since I've looked at this with competing priorities.  I would be nice if App-V has advanced enough to replace our current solution.

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    @PatrickDunlap: No, AppV isn't a compatibility or cross-platform solution. If the target application doesn't run on a specific version of Windows, then it's unlikely that AppV will change that.

    Given that standard desktop apps don't run Windows RT, then there won't be a roadmap to run AppV under Windows RT either.

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