Windows Server Work Folders – a Deep Dive into the New Windows Server Data Sync Solution

Play Windows Server Work Folders – a Deep Dive into the New Windows Server Data Sync Solution


This session discusses the different ways that you can deploy and use Windows Server Work Folders to gain oversight of IW corporate data. The session touches on different deployment options as well as migration strategies from existing solutions such as “Folder Redirection” and “Home Folders”.  Windows Server Work Folders allows information workers to have their files available to them on all their devices, wherever they are and however they are connected while providing IT governance control.



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    I'm interested... I hope it's also a realy 300 level session. Smiley

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    Adrien Restaut

    Hi there,

    I'm evaluating Work Folders on Win2012R2, and so far, my only available client polling interval has been 10 minutes, which in my opinion is very high. I've been searching everywhere, and in this very video it's mentioned "default 10 minutes, but you can change that".
    Only lead I found is a registry key which doesn't do anything neither on Win10 or Win7, even after rebooting.

    How do we change the client polling frequency on work folders??

    Best regards,

    Adrien Restaut

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