Pieces of 8: Prospecting for Windows 8 Gold

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Windows 8 is out, and there is a LOT to learn in it. Sure, everyone knows that it's downright "touching" in its new interface, but have you gotten around to building a simple Windows Store app and sideloading it? Taken the 2000 new Windows PowerShell cmdlets out for a spin to find the Twelve New Cmdlets You Can't Live Without? Constructed a Windows To Go USB stick... the hard way? Well, if not, don't worry—best-selling technical author Mark Minasi has been diving Windows in search of buried treasure since Microsoft's biggest OS shipped with Othello, and he's pulled plenty of "pieces of eight" from the latest edition. If you haven't had the time to crack open the new "primary PC" feature in Windows 8, then you're just leaving buried treasure in your infrastructure. Join Mark for a fast-paced exposition of the useful, the essential, and the fun. Don't you want to know what REALLY happens when you do a Windows 8 Refresh? Or how to build and easily deploy custom Start Screens? Sure you do... so we'll see you there.


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