The Phone That Has Everything the Enterprise Needs: Windows Phone 8

Play The Phone That Has Everything the Enterprise Needs: Windows Phone 8


Your requirements for an Enterprise phone must meet the demands of your organization with mobile device management, security, encryption and private software distribution without sacrificing the excitement and fun of an awesome consumer phone. Microsoft’s newest phone has the power of Windows 8 with killer hardware and features like up-to-the minute Live Tiles, offline Nokia maps, great apps like Microsoft Office, Xbox, Skype, Pandora and ESPN, NFC, integrated VoIP and the fastest mobile browser. Windows Phone 8 is unrivaled in the smartphone space. Join us to see how Windows Phone 8 combines everything you love about a personal phone and everything you need in the Enterprise.




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The Discussion

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    Windows8 Phone  look out Google , Apple

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    except for vpn of course. Enterprise never use that. /s

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    I really like my personal Windows Phone 8.

    I do think that VPN is important for Enterprise users and hope it's discussed.

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    Please address the use of Windows Server certificates for authentication on Windows Phone.

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    I really love Windows Phone 8 and our company has heavily invested in apps for that platform. What I really miss is VPN support (and a notification center).

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    Will it support Static IP someday?

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    I'll be in another session, can someone let me know or mention if they are bringing DirectAccess to WP8?  I'm hoping that they are.  Others have mentioned VPN and I could live with AnyConnect but DA would be much nicer considering it's windows based and would be an easier deployment with Windows 8 DA.


    Thanks Techers.

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    Andre Obelink

    Please fix the issue with the Office 365 / Exchange policy setting to download only the xx days of mail. WP8 doesn't support that. It's quite embarrassing that a big company is running Office 365 and that iPhone and Android phones are supported and WP8 phones are not allowed....

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    Everything except static IP support and VPN?! I have a Lumia 820, and work in a large Enterprise environment...

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