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    Does this require integration with SCCM 2012?

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    @MBell65: No, in the session we'll also discuss an unmanaged deployment using a side-loaded custom company hub.

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    Mr Hoover,

    I wrote an app for the Windows Phone app store (also has a MVC4 Mobile/Desktop app, WebForms 4.5 front end and full native apps in the Apple and Google Stores) that is used for auditing, ticketing and document management - a pretty big app. 

    The end users request new features very frequently and as we all know bugs do arise.   For the MVC4, WebForms and Android platforms this isn't a problem since I can just deploy to the production servers for the MVC4/WebForms app and simply email the clients the updated apk file for Android.  It would be great if I could remotely update the end users xap file or have them simply check against a local Windows Phone App Store for those times when there is a critical bug and waiting 3-5 business days isn't an option.  (We are actually in this exact situation with the Apple Store, still waiting for the update to go through from last Thursday).

    I'm hoping there is a work around going to be discussed in your session or if you have insight into a solution that would be great.

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    Hi Hoover,

    Windows Phone 8 Settings->Company Apps-> Add Account  pops the options to enter user name, domain and server if the email id and password entered is invalid.

    I would like to know what to specify in the below fields to connect the web server using server address?

    1. Email address and password - is it mandatory to have valid email and password?

    2. User name - Is it mandatory during development of MDM server also?

    3.Domain Name -  Is it mandatory during development of MDM server also?

    4. Server Name - Can I use the IP address ( MDM server instead the full address (ex:

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    In the video you had mentioned that there is MDM sample available on MSDN. Can you post the link for those samples?

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