Developing Large-Scale Enterprise Mobile Apps for Windows Phone 8 and Windows Tablets

Play Developing Large-Scale Enterprise Mobile Apps for Windows Phone 8 and Windows Tablets


Building a Mobile Enterprise Application Platform based on Microsoft technologies has never been more important. Enable your CIO to achieve one of their top priorities—extending critical data from your organization’s backend systems out to employee’s mobile devices. That data needs to be secure and easily accessed, even if offline. Windows Phones and Tablets are enterprise-class devices with the capabilities needed to make employees successful by creating an agile, real-time enterprise platform. With enterprise mobility markets reaching $174 billion by 2017, according to analysts, it’s time to take action. Let us guide you through all the elements required to build a powerful Mobile Enterprise Application Platform. Use Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and IIS as your mobile middleware where SSIS adapters aggregate data from multiple back end systems. Rely on the ASP.NET Web API to expose composite data via wireless-friendly REST + JSON web services. Next, securely publish that data out to the Internet without the need for a VPN using UAG. Finally, your Windows Phone and Tablet Enterprise Apps will consume data and store it offline so employees can continue to be productive wherever they are in the absence of network connectivity.




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    Rob promised to provide source code during his presentation.  I have not been able to find source code for this presentation or any other presentation where source code was promised.

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