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Rick with Corey Sanders, Principal Group Program Manager, Windows Azure.



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The Discussion

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    Could Azure include OTP two-factor authentication (like AWS) for login into portal?

    Answer by Corey Sanders in the video at minute 23:24.

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    Two-factor authentication must comply, at least: 1) "something only the user knows" (aka password), 2) "something only the user has".

    Two-factor authentication with phone or email are not effective because communication can be "known" by the service provider. Phone and email ARE NOT "something only the user has"

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    I found the following interesting article:

    "Leverage Windows Azure Multi-Factor Authentication with Windows Azure AD", Philippe Beraud, Microsoft France

    This white paper explains the differents options for Multi-factor authentication in Azure AD. In fact the Time-based One Time Password athentication (TOTP) (RFC 6238) is supported by Azure using a mobile app, but not using a token device.

    On the other hand, AWS can use a mobile app or a token device (Gemalto), wich is much more secure because secret key is stored in a secure memory into token device.

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