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Dan Fernandez with Amanda Silver and Kirupa Chinnathambi.



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    According to

    "Cordova is a toolkit for building apps for iOS, Android, and Windows using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript"

    Sound great "Apache Cordova support in Visual Studio", but, what about C# and XAML?

    Developers we are wating for a versión of Visual Studio (supported by Microsoft) with the capabilities for cross developing of modern apps (Windows Store Apps) for Win 8.1, Win Phone, Android and iOS using either C# or HTML.

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    We have been working closely with Xamarin, who provide a great solution for using C# and .NET to build apps for iOS and Android. You can read Soma's TechEd post, where he specifically talks about Xamarin and this scenario.

    The Xamarin solution is a native platform solution. You build native UI with Xamarin, as opposed to a write-once hybrid UI. You can, however, share all of your business logic across iOS and Android apps. The same is true with Windows apps, which are supported by Visual Studio, not Xamarin.  

    Thanks -- Rich Lander [MSFT] -- .NET Team

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    Considering that in mobile apps UI part is prevalent, solutions like Xamarin doesn't make much sense.

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