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    Could Microsoft offer in future .NET (also IIS) for Linux and other flavors of Unix? the end of the day Unix is not a strange world for Microsoft, remember Xenix,

    The success of Java is due to Java runs in a lot of platforms.

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    @carlospinedag:It's called "mono" and it's already there.

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    @zico:  Right, but Mono is not full compatible with .NET (you must write one app for .NET and other different for Mono, conditional compilation helps, but... in fact, Mono is not compatible with .NET).

    The same story with the plugin which (in theory), lets run an ASP.NET app on Apache.
    The same story with Moonlight (the Linux version of Silverlight).

    You can listen Miguel de Icasa talking about Mono and Moonlight, in his participation in recent Microsoft Build 2014 (minute 21:48):


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    What is the best way to get to the current context in MVC besides going through the global static method?

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    I was wondering...  As of now, .Net 4.5 requires Windows Server 2008 or better.  The contract I am on right now has mostly 2003 servers (woo hoo, lucky me.)  Will this new "take only what you need" .Net be able to run on these 2003 servers?  Is there a specific reference that makes it not work on 2003?

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    Scott Hunter

    jsucupira, to help answer your question better. What are you using the HttpContext to get access to? The controller class provides access to many items like Request, Response, Server, Session.

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    Scott Hunter

    Grandizer, the ASP.NET vNext bits requires .NET 4.5 (which requires Windows Server 2008 or higher) or the Core CLR which requires Windows Server 2008 R2 (the alpha bits require Windows Server 2012 but this is just a point in time thing).

    Windows Server 2003 is already out of mainstream product support and will be out of extended support on 7/14/2015. For that reason we are not supporting that platform. Sorry.

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