Channel 9 Live: Microsoft Azure with Mark Russinovich

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    A VM with shared CPU is less expensive because one pay only when app is running. Could Azure offer VMs with more memory and shared CPU?

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    A VM with shared CPU on Azure is useful for developers and testing, but, memory size is an issue for executing the App server and DBMS (example IIS+SQLServer or Tomcat+MySQL).

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    According to, smaller configurations of Virtual Machines (with Windows or Linux):

    Extra Small (A0)   1 Virtual Core SHARED     768 MB RAM
    Small (A1)            1 Virtual Core                   1.75 GB RAM
    Medium (A2)         2 Virtual Cores                 3.5 GB RAM

    Due to SQLServer requires a minimum of 1 GB of RAM, "Extra Small" has no enought size for running IIS and SQL Server.

    Extra-Small is the only configuration with shared virtual core.This option is less expensive because one pay only when App server and DBMS are running.

    If Small or Medium configurations with shared CPUs are offered, developers and testers could pay only when they run their apps.

    Today, developers and testers must stop and re-start their VMs, in order to reduce costs (for example, at the night).

    >>> Answer by Mark Russinovich in video at minute 20:08, he say:

    "Memory is one of the biggest constraints in the box."

    Right, but when process is not running, memory could be released: the content of memory may be write into swap area in disk, depending on the policy of the Memory Manager of virtualizer. Consider the following Unix commands: kill -SIGSTOP and kill -SIGCONT


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