T-SQL Power! SQL Server Windows That Open Doors

Play T-SQL Power! SQL Server Windows That Open Doors
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Ever feel like your Transact-SQL solution to a tricky issue was almost just as difficult as the problem itself? Ever find yourself unable to cleanly express the logic you really need in T-SQL for your complex data calculation? Don’t blame yourself—blame the limitations of the language. Get ready to embrace the most powerful Microsoft SQL Server programming enhancement: turbocharged support for windowing functions. If you write analytical queries and you need results fast, attend this session to learn everything you need to know to leverage all the power that windowing functions bring to the table. See examples taken from real-world projects that illustrate how to create running sums, calculate moving averages, look both backward and forward in your set, and achieve many other seemingly complex tasks—all with ease and clarity. The hallmark of a truly great SQL Server feature is the ability to make difficult tasks simple. Windowing functions will have you writing better and faster T-SQL than ever before.



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