JitJea: A Windows PowerShell Toolkit to Secure a Post-Snowden World

Play JitJea: A Windows PowerShell Toolkit to Secure a Post-Snowden World

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    Hi was hoping to get a recipe for a good Sourdough Bread to compare with my Blue Moon Beer Bread but this does have anything in the cloud.

    You friend Alvin,

    Have a Happy Day

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    Great Job Jeffrey! To me this is the most important technology MS is working on for ITPros. I know everyone is on the DSC Band Wagon which is good. However DSC doesn't cost you millions in the blink of an eye. Security Breaches can!

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    This is just what is needed, kudos Jeff, I hope Microsoft reconsider further developments by adding more feature to WS2016 DSC Pull server as is in Azure Automation DSC Pull server, xJea and on prem DSC Pull server with the likes of Azure Automation DSC features will enhance value of Windows Server and  facilitate adoption of xJea

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