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In the current times, threat intelligence (and the proper use thereof) is one of the more powerful weapons the anti-cybercrime community has in countering cyber-attacks from malicious actors. At Microsoft, especially in the Digital Crimes Unit, tons of threat intelligence is amassed, analyzed, and efficiently utilized to help thwart and take down cyber-crimes, the infrastructures used, as well as the criminal actors themselves. Threat Intelligence can be thought of as the malicious files, URLs, emails, IPs, DNS and a host of other information, data, meta-data and tools that were, are, have been and will be used in cyber-crime in one way or another. In this presentation, we discuss taking it one step further, and another kind of intelligence that will be a major part of our arsenal in the fight against cyber-crime. Aside from using malicious data or threat data for intelligence purposes, we will also be using clean-file data and meta data in fighting cyber-crime. Learn how the use of clean meta data can help in researching, analyzing, tracking and taking down cyber-crime, as well as how the security partners and community at large can benefit from this effort to help protect Microsoft customers and users.



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