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Last year, we announced the General Availability for Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Services (IaaS). Since then, we have continually innovated and added new and existing features to the IaaS platform. In this session, we focus on some of the features and functionality that have been recently added to Azure IaaS. You can be assured that we will showcase some new features for the first time in this session!



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The Discussion

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    In Azure, Extra-Small (768 MB RAM) is the only configuration with shared virtual core.

    Due to SQLServer requires a minimum of 1 GB of RAM, "Extra Small" has no enought size for running IIS and SQL Server.

    The "shared virtual core" option is less expensive because you pay ONLY when your VM is consuming cycles of CPU (in other words, when App Server and DBMS are running; non waiting for requests).

    Today, developers and testers must stop and re-start their VMs, in order to reduce costs (for example, at the night).

    Could Azuire offer Small(A1) and Medium(A2) configurations with shared CPUs?

    Then developers and testers could pay only when they run their apps. 

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