Windows PowerShell Best Practices and Patterns: Time to Get Serious

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The Discussion

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    Pretty good session. You made several comments about the challenges with back ticks. We (my team) couldn't agree more. We NEED to get a good alternative syntax in PowerShell and make them and even your work arounds, go away forever!!


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    Martin Nielsen

    At 55 minutes where you test different versions of creating a PSObject, I noticed in the first codeblock with Add-Member you never output the resulting PSObject to the $obj variable (the last Add-Member is missing a -PassThru).

    With that said I set up the test myself and it's not noticably faster or slower with the added -PassThru. The second option still wins by a large margin.

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    This session and the PowerShell unplugged were my 2 favorites that could be viewed remotely.

    I didn't get to attend this year.

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    I agree much in all of your advices.
    Just wanted to say that in your splatting-array you dont need to surround your parameternames with ', and you dont need to end the line with semicolons.

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