Mobile Line-of-Business Applications in Microsoft Azure

Play Mobile Line-of-Business Applications in Microsoft Azure

The Discussion

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    Is any of the demo code available? I'd love to see how some of these implementations work.

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    Kirill Gavrylyuk

    the source code for the Field Engineer accelerator we demoed during the talk that utilizes all of these features is available here:

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    Hi Jon,

    I have downloaded the demo but always getting the error as below on application launch:

    Additional technical information:
    Correlation ID: 7e0a3648-5e7f-45f4-9547-aab0a48f66ec
    Timestamp: 2014-05-17 23:51:53Z
    AADSTS70004: Reply address 'ms-app://s-1-15-2-3461387931-4147607850-1969395028-3313808902-718635540-2436087332-2153628297/' specified by the request is not a valid URL.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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