A Practical View of Release Management for Visual Studio 2013

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This session provides a detailed technical presentation of the functionality and architecture of Release Management for Visual Studio 2013. We start by presenting an overview of the key concepts, architecture, and configuration of the various components. We discuss the out-of-the box deployment actions available to compose automations for common deployment scenarios and how to use extensibility to cover the not-so-common scenarios. In more detail, we discuss the mechanism to manage variables across environments, how to include manual intervention, automated tests and rollbacks as part of a deployment, how to trigger release as part of a build, how to leverage logs to diagnose failed releases, and finally how to add custom actions to the inventory. These are presented through specific scenarios encountered in the field.



The Discussion

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    I just want to thank everyone that took the time to attend. The session was a blast to present. Your participation was great and you even laughed at our jokes. Hope to do it again soon.
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    does anyone have experience managing a large number of release management projects (100+)? whenever I play with the software it never gives me the impression that i would be able to setup a new project anywhere as easily as a standard msdeploy

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    Claude Remillard

    We have customers with numbers of Release Templates in that range. Release templates are created for defining how your app gets deployed to the various stages. In the security tab of the Release Template you can define which teams cam see Release Template (and their related releases) to allow for a better experience when having multiple apps.


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    @Claude and they don't have issues managing that number of release templates? it just feels odd that I can't easily reuse or mass update them. If I want to update all my releases to add a new step I need to update all 100+ however many stages there are.

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