Debugging Tips and Tricks in Visual Studio 2013

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As a developer, regardless of your programming language or the platform that you target, you use the debugger on a daily basis. Come to this all-demo session to learn how to make the most of the Visual Studio debugger, and hence be more productive and effective in your everyday development. We tour almost all of the debugger surface and many of its commands, throwing in tips and tricks as we go along, and also calling out what is brand new in the latest version of the debugger in Microsoft Visual Studio 2013. Whatever your experience level, you are guaranteed to leave with new knowledge of debugger features that you will want to use immediately when you are back at your computer!



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The Discussion

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    Great presentation, thank you!!!

    A few more bits and it will be a complete guide for debugging with Visual Studio. I would like to see:

    1. Explanation for several Watch and Parallel Watch windows (1 throw 8)
    2. Quick Watch
    3. Exporting/Importing Breakpoints in Breakpoints window (pair it with e/i Data Tips)
    4. Parallel Tasks in 'Tasks' view

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