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Delivering high-quality, modern applications requires modern application lifecycle management tools and processes. In this demo-packed session, learn about updates to the Microsoft application lifecycle management offerings which will enable your software development teams to be more productive and to collaborate more effectively. Discover how your development team can collaborate more easily with operations teams and embrace a DevOps culture to enable continuous delivery. Take advantage of new monitoring and analytics capabilities to ensure that your applications are always available, performing, and succeeding.



The Discussion

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    Wow! What an "information packed" session! I heard more new names and references being tossed around that I actually had some difficulty in keeping up!! I am really hoping that there will be some great HOLs available after the conference to work through the details of all of these examples. Maybe even one of Brian's special VMs to use for it. :) Ok - so we've gotten spoiled. Drop a VM in Azure for us to go to town on. Please!

    Will there be HOLs for these?


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    Thanks for the kind words, Bill! I agree, it's an exciting time.

    I do have plans to ship an updated virtual machine based on the announcements we shared. I'm going to be on paternity leave after TechEd until June 23rd. When I come back I'll be working on this then, so ETA is towards the end of the summer. Sorry it's not sooner this time - dad duty beckons. :)

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