The Microsoft Application Platform for Developers: Create Applications That Span Devices and Services

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There is no better time for being a developer than today. Companies nowadays use software to differentiate from the competition, be more agile, and provide the best experience for customers. Every company is a software company and developers are in the center of the transformation. Come see what the Microsoft platform has to offer for developers to modernize their applications and create compelling experiences across devices and powered by agile, scalable services in the cloud. We cover the key pieces such as Microsoft Azure, Windows, Windows Phone, Visual Studio and Microsoft .NET Framework in a fast-paced, demo-centric session that introduces you to the possibilities that the Microsoft platform provides for developers.



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The Discussion

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    Where can I download source code of those demos?

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    Great talk! Amazing to hear some of these things coming from Microsoft. There's one thing I don't understand w/r/t the "bite size pieces" .NET deployment with NuGet. What happens if there is an important hotfix  (e.g. newly discovered vulnerability)? Do we have to manually redeploy, or can Azure "push" these hotfixes down to live processes (presumably with some sort of permission-based profile)? At the surface, it seems like some of the PAAS goodness is lost if devs have to be concerned about this kind of stuff. What's the user story for hotfixing desktop & mobile apps?

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    Nice demo and overview.

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    Cesar de la Torre

    @ Michael
    We uploaded the source code of the demo apps to MSDN Samples, here:

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    Wow too much my head is spinning. Very exciting, but how can developers keep up ? Next year will be even better, different VS tools.
    Hopefully someone in Microsoft has a vision on where we are all going. I believe his name has to be Scott :)

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    I love how he's making all these funny jokes and the audience just stays silent :P  I'm at work here listening to this and laughing my butt off.

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